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Why Naked Reader?

Coming up with the name "Naked Reader" was a long process that included some, er, interesting names. Then we asked ourselves what we wanted the press to stand for. That was simple. We wanted to be able to offer stories (novels, shorts, etc) to the reader with nothing standing in the way: no DRM, no print costs, no distribution cost, etc. So our motto, nothing between you and the story, was born. From there, to the warped minds that make up NR, the name of the press just came naturally. Yes, we did discuss whether there would be misunderstandings about what we published, but decided name recognition and easy recall outweighed any possible negatives that might attach to the name.

What makes NR different from other publishers?

Everyone at Naked Reader is dedicated to bringing our readers the best short stories and novels available. Because we are a digital publisher, we can keep our costs down. That is a savings we pass on to you, our customers. Something else that makes us stand apart from some of the big publishers is that we will not attach DRM to our e-books. If you find one of our titles with DRM attached, it will be only because the outlet selling the book  required it. However, rest assured that whenever possible, we will opt out of any form of DRM.

What formats can I download my books in?

At the moment, you can download your books as .mobi, .epub, .prc., .lrf and .lit files. If your e-reader doesn't let you read any of these formats, please be sure to email us at the above address and let us know what format you need.

How many times can I download my e-books?

You can download your books as many times as you like. In fact, we urge you to download them and make back-up copies. While our server has an excellent track record and we will be backing up all our files, you never know what can happen. Plus, as with any other publisher, we can only offer our "free" titles as long as we hold the rights to them. Once we no longer hold the rights, those titles will be gone from our database. So, if there is a free title you wish to have, download and back-up.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. When you check out, you will be asked what form of payment you wish you to use. Simply click on the appropriate credit card type or on the Paypal icon and follow the instructions.

What if I don't have a Paypal account?

You don't need one. Simply follow the instructions and, if you have any questions, e-mail us and we will do our best to assist you.

May I make a donation for one of the free novels or short stories?

Absolutely. You'll find a "donate" button on the download page. Simple click it and indicate the amount you wish to donate. The follow the check out instructions.

What if I download an e-book by mistake?

Send send us an email. We will get back to you within 24 hours in most cases.

Can I sell my e-book after I read it?

The very short answer is: No. Unlike hard copy books that you can resell at used book stores, etc., you may not do so with e-books you purchase from us.

How do I submit a manuscript or artwork to you?

Please refer to our submissions page for instructions. At the moment, we don't have a submissions process for artwork. However, if you are interested, please send an e-mail to editor-at-nakedreader-dot-com (remove the dashes and put in the appropriate @ and periods) and it will be routed to the appropriate person.