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Freer, Dave

Dave Freer is an Ichthyologist turned author because he'd heard that the spelling requirements were simpler. They lied about that. He recently moved to Flinders Island, Tasmania, Australia, with his wife and chief proof-reader, Barbara. They are owned by a number of dogs and cats -- and their two sons (Paddy and James). Dave does his best to blame his extraordinary spelling on an Old English Sheepdog nose, or the cat on his lap. It has nothing to do with falling out of pear trees onto his head or spending too long underwater freediving for spiny lobster.

His first book -- The Forlorn (Baen) came out in 1999. For a list of his books, check here. You can also get the e-book versions of his work from webscriptions.

Besides working as a Fisheries Scientist for the Western Cape shark fishery, running a couple of fish farms, he has worked as a commercial diver, and as a relief chef at several luxury game lodges. Yes: he can both cook and change diapers. (No man ever really gets tired of danger sports.) He spent two years as a conscripted soldier along the way, so he can iron too. His interests are rock climbing (he's still good at it), diving, flyfishing (he's still bad at it), fly-tying, wine-tasting and the preparation of food, especially by traditional means - smoking and salting, all the good unhealthy things.

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